Recent Projects: 2016/2017


the cold bowl shop

The Cold Bowl Shop is a company that delivers african cusine to your doorstep. We partnered with the client to create the logo, stationary, website and marketing plan.



Grout Pros NYC is a business that specializes in cleaning and repairing grout surfaces. Together with the client we created the logo, website and door hanger for marketing purposes.


collection of t-shirts designs

We recently have been asked by various clients to assist in their t-shirt design collection. Here you can see a sample of what we came up with.


vellum magazine typography

We were tasked to come up with some typography to match a set of beautiful images for Vellum Magazine. The client was more than satisfied with the results.


Fine collection of client logos

Every brand identity starts with a great and effective logo. We have designed from individuals, to small businesses to a large corporation... our approach of excellence is always the same.


e.m.e. entertainment website

This entertainment website is scalable to provided all the services the client wishes to provide. It was developed to today's high standards as well for future technologies. UPDATING for 2017.



carlos lacruz brand identity

To stand out in the NYC competitive culinary industry you must brand well to stand out from the crowded field of chefs. We were able to give our client a leg up on the competition.


xhibit pros brand identity

Xhibit Pros is a install and dismantle firm in the convention industry. Over 5 years ago we designed their brand with great results. So it came as no surprise when were recently asked to redesign their brand identity.


nygerian wearable apparel

With client collaboration we designed a collection of t-shirt & hat graphic designs for the proud nigerian community located throughout all parts of the USA.


the parashoot website

These entrepreneural start-up requested a minimal but chic website for their new mini wearable camera. Working together we the client we came up with a simple but effective site.


buju brand identity

We were approached to design the logo and brand identity for this up and coming exclusive lxury brand. By due process of experimentation of several types and orientations we came up with the right combination of class and style. After the client along with a focus group selected the final logo, we proceeded to create the rest of the brand material.


nicole sylvester films website

This independent filmmaker was seeking an easy to manage website which was easy to navigate. So we delivered this gem that was surprisingly effective and reached the target demogarphic.


Template P2P Banner Contest

There was a $750 prize for a banner contest for this underground forum. So we decide to enter and overwhelm the competition by entering 25 designs to the average of just 3. We were pronounced the winners by a wide margin.


alternative luxe

The client wanted a highly exclusive brand identity for her upcoming fahsion line... so we delivered a short list of logos for her to choose from.


corporate holiday party

This is a logo designed for a premium events company in the heart of Manhattan, NYC.


dominique music branding identity

A branding identity for the artist Dominique which also included socila media collateral.